How To Improve Posture At Work

Well, if you have to work then you have to work. Right? However, it is needless for us to sacrifice the health of our spine for official accolades.

When we retire from work, we will still be living inside our bodies. Shouldn’t we then deliberate about taking care of our posture during work so that we do not end up having to live inside a deformed and twisted body after retirement? Retirement aside, a body twisted out of shape through bad posture during work can cause us to leave work even before we are ready or ripe for retirement.

So, how can we improve our posture while we are working?

  1. Standing Desks

If you need to transition from sitting to standing without breaking the flow of your work, then a standing desk is the way to go. Sitting for too long, especially in a bad sitting posture, can damage the curvature of your spine and cause neck pain.

Obviously, there’s every need to transition from sitting to stretching to standing. Stretching and standing brings freshness to the flow of blood in your body, and you can do those while still keeping the ideas flowing by simply placing your computer on a Standing Desk.

  1. Desk And Chair Accessories

There are many useful accessories that you can add to your desk or chair to help you in improving your posture while you are working. You will find that these desk and chair accessories are adjustable according to your personal needs.

A Laptop Stand is one of those accessories. It is advisable to always keep your laptop at eye level. If your table is not high enough, you can use a laptop stand to bring your laptop up to the level that will ensure your neck is in proper alignment with your shoulders and head.

Seat cushions are also one of these accessories. You can place them behind your lower back for an angled back support.


Seat cushions are also one of these accessories. You can place them behind your lower back for an angled back support.

3.  Stretches And Massages

The muscles of the neck, shoulders, arms and back become tense from prolonged sitting when working. We are often reluctant to get up from our work especially if we have a deadline to meet, and we use the excuse of not wanting to interrupt our creative juices.

However, an arched or slouched posture cuts off blood supply to muscles, and this is what leads to swellings and inflammations. It helps to interlock arms, raise them above your head and just stretch your whole body while giving yourself that much needed verbal affirmation. It also helps to have someone massage your neck and shoulder muscles to reestablish blood flow and relax tense muscles.

4.  Seated Spinal Twists And Leg Extensions

There’s no need to get up and go for a dull workout before you can ease the tension that builds in your body while you’re working (although you should if time permits). You can however do a few spinal twists preferably when you’re in standing position or even while you’re sitting at the desk. You can also stretch your legs forward to extend beyond the folded position they’ve been in while you are working.

It is key to do these twists and stretches a few times within a few minutes, and to do them repeatedly or often within an hour. This is because if blood supply is cut off for too long, your brain will begin to shut down anyway.

5.  Be Mindful Of Your Posture

No matter what accessories you have in place or for how long you have to work, always be mindful of your neck posture. The proper alignment for your neck is to keep the midlife of your ears on the same point as the midlife of your shoulders. This ensures that your head is neither thrown forward nor too far back. Remember that your ears and your shoulders should be on the same line with your hips.

Never crane your neck in order to look into a screen or into a file. It puts too much load on your neck and eventually on your spine too. The neck, shoulders , spine and lower back are all connected. Any bad posture in the neck will cause not only neck pain but also back pain.

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